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It's no secret. Health experts worldwide are expounding on the benefits for people of all ages and ethnic origin to consume more dietary fibre. The research is astounding that fibre increases intestinal tone and supports the body's own cleansing and elimination processes. The cleansing capabilities alone can save your life! It's also no secret as to why people are having health issues in the first place - processed food. Our fast food culture and convenience foods are so prevalent in today's society because no one has the time to cook their own meals. It's easier to eat out or buy processed frozen foods. Such diets lack any significant nutritional content, and more importantly, contain very little dietary fibre.

Flushes Toxicity Build-up With Muciligenic Fibers
Muciligenic fibres such as gums, cereals and pectins are more soluble in water. Our intestines function as our body's own waste disposal system. Food in liquid form moves from the small intestine into the colon for final processing. Here most of the water and minerals are re-absorbed, leaving the semi-solid waste that is evacuated through the rectum. Any breakdown in the intestine's natural cleansing process is accompanied by risks of poor food assimilation and toxicity build-up. Highly refined foods, including sugar and white flour, make us susceptible to intestinal problems such as constipation and haemorrhoids. These types of disorders are rare in parts of the world where native foods provide many times more fibres than the modern highly processed diet we have here in Europe.
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I'm amazed at how much easier this Combo Diet made it for me to lose weight! I ordered both Free Trials and I had more energy to exercise and less hunger cravings, which helped me control how much junk food I eat. Even though I've met my weight loss goals, I plan to keep taking it for weight management and the other health benefits.

- Ashley Young, New Orleans LA


"I started using Life Cleanse a couple of months ago. I have lost 20 pounds in that time and I've noticed that I have much more energy than before. Not only do I feel better, I notice I can do things that I couldn't before. I can be active with my family every day, I don't feel bloated anymore and I really have a better quality of life."

- James, Des Moines, IA

"During the 30-day detox cleanse, I lost about 20 pounds, and in the next 3 months another 15 pounds melted off. I had more energy than I knew was even possible and I had absolutely ZERO desire for anything other than fresh, organic fruits and vegetables."

- Maria, Boulder, CO

"This stuff works great. I love the way I feel when I take it. Great energy level, less hunger and mentaly focusd. Acai is truly a gift from the earth. I can see why so many cultures around the world have been taking this stuff for centuries."

- Jackson H - Monte Carlos

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